• We have shortlisted! Yes logo designers, we've identified the TOP THREE entries in each category of the OUR Logo Competition, and now IT'S ON!! Was yours one? Watch this space to find out!

  • OUR cancels ALL remaining public consultations on 2019-24 JPS Tariff Applications

Telecoms companies directed to give customers clearer information on offerings and packages. Read the release...

On Inside the OUR this week, OUR investigates high utility bills; and, should I be billed if I have had no...

The OUR is investigating reports of high electricity bills! We'll keep you posted!

OUR Stops Accepting Visitors Due to COVID-19 Watch here!

We remain open but the OUR is limiting traffic through our space in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Here's more on how our utility consumers may contact us.

Find out about the regulatory activities and financial operations of the OUR in our 22nd Annual Report.

The TOP THREE entries in each category of the OUR Logo Redesign Competition have been selected, and the winner will soon be announced! Who knows? It could be YOU! Watch this space to find out!

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