OUR Management Accountability Framework Business Plan and Budget 2013/14 - 2015/16

The annual preparation of the OUR’s Business Plan and Budget for the forthcoming triennium is a statutory obligation. This document forms part of the Government’s national budget, and requires Parliamentary approval. All Departments in the OUR are deeply involved in its preparation. Our stakeholders also have an opportunity to review and contribute, and many of them do. This final document is therefore the outcome of a lengthy process of discussion, analysis, and consultations.

The preparation of the Plan is an occasion for the organisation to assess its performance over the past year; to see how well it delivered on the work plans set out in the previous year’s Corporate Plan, and if it failed to accomplish any of these tasks, to identify the reasons why. The formulation of the work programmes for the next Financial Year and beyond, is of critical importance. These are framed in accordance with Government policy, national imperatives, the needs and interests of the OUR’s various stakeholders, and the OUR’s own legal mandate. They must be realistic and coherent, and achievable within the budgetary constraints.

This document contains a review of all the OUR’s activities over the past year, its on-going work, and its planned future activities, including its projected budget. It presents a complete and transparent picture of the organisation and its work programmes. 

Business Plans