Cedric Wilson

Deputy Director General


Prior to his appointment, Cedric Wilson served as Director of Regulation, Policy, Monitoring and Enforcement at the OUR, the most recent of several positions he has served in since joining the organization in 2004. An Economist, Mr. Wilson has 25 years’ experience working in the electric utility industry. He was employed at the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited as Tariff Specialist and General Manager of Corporate Planning for over 10 years and worked as a Regulatory Consultant in the electricity and water sector for some 15 years.

Mr. Wilson has undertaken work in several countries across the Caribbean. Notably, he was project manager for the CARICOM renewable energy study in 2009, and tariff consultant to the Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulatory Authority Project in 2016. Additionally, he has collaborated with the Public Research Utility Centre (PURC), University of Florida, USA, in the delivery of a regulatory seminar in Africa and is a regular speaker at PURC’s biannual conference on utility regulation.