Insurance Requirements for Net Billing Arrangement

The QE shall procure or cause to be procured and shall maintain throughout the entire Term of this Contract, the requisite insurance issued by an insurer duly licenced under the Insurance Act acceptable to JPS (such policy or policies, collectively, the “QE Insurance”). A certified copy of the certificate of insurance shall be delivered to JPS at least ten (10) Business Days prior to the start of any interconnection work. At a minimum, the QE Insurance shall contain (a) an endorsement providing coverage, including products liability/completed operations coverage for the term of this Contract, and (b) a broad form contractual liability endorsement covering liabilities (i) which might arise under, or in the performance or non-performance of, this Contract, or (ii) caused by operation of the QF or any of the QE's equipment or by the QE's failure to maintain the QF or the QE's equipment in satisfactory and safe operating condition. Without limiting the foregoing, the QE Insurance must be reasonably acceptable to JPS. Any premium assessment or deductible shall be for the account of the QE and not JPS.

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