Jamaica Public Service Annual Tariff Adjustment 2012

This submission is made in relation to the annual Performance-Based Rate-Making (PBRM) tariff adjustment filing for 2012, in accordance with the All Island Electric Licence 2001 (the Licence), Schedule 3, section 4, which states:
“The Licensee shall make annual filings to the Office at least sixty (60) days prior to the Adjustment Date [June 1, 2012]. These filings shall include the support for the performance indices, the CPI indices, and the proposed Non-Fuel Base Rates for electricity, and other information as may be necessary to support such filings….”
In accordance with the Licence and the OUR’s September 18, 2009 Determination Notice, the 2012 annual non-fuel tariff adjustment will incorporate changes in relation to inflation, foreign exchange and the X factor; but it will not include any adjustments for the Q factor.

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Tariff Applications