Request for Proposals to Supply up to Net 37 MW of Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy

Note new documents:         *Addendum #3 for 37 MW RFP,  issued 2016 Jan 13         *Q + A #4: questions  67-74 for 37 MW RFP - published on 2016 January 05         *Form of Letter of Credit - 37 MW RFP - MS WORD editable document-  published 2015 Dec 29       Other 'Questions + Answers' documents (Number 1 to 3) were previously posted. Please note CLARIFICATIONS and RESPONSES TO QUERIES #1 are in the document entitled 'Q and A'. The Office of Utilities Regulation (the Office or OUR) hereby invites interested entities to submit proposals for the provision of new Generating Capacity from renewable energy sources up to 37 MW (Net) to the national grid of Jamaica on a Build, Own and Operate (BOO) Basis. Applicants may submit proposals for the supply of one or more plants of varying configurations greater than 100kW and up to 37 MW (Net) of renewable energy electricity generation. 


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Request for Proposals