The Office of Utilities Regulation regulates the water and sewerage sector in Jamaica which includes the National Water Commission (the main provider of water and sewerage services throughout the island), other water and sewerage providers, and the National Irrigation Commission. The Office determines the rates that are to be charged and service level standards applicable to service providers.


Title Type Posted on
Consultancy Services for a Management and Operational Audit of the K-Factor Programme Water & Sewerage, Request for Proposals Feb 19, 2016
EOI - Consultancy - Audit of NWC Billing and Metering System Water & Sewerage, Projects Dec 15, 2015
EOI Consultant - K Factor Audit - 2015 Dec 9 Water & Sewerage, Projects Dec 09, 2015
Determination Notice - Runaway Bay Water Co (RBWC) Determination Notices, Water & Sewerage Aug 31, 2015
Determination Notice - NWC's Payment Compliance Initiative - July 29, 2015 Determination Notices, Water & Sewerage Jul 29, 2015
DEML - Determination Notice - February 2, 2015 Determination Notices, Water & Sewerage Mar 03, 2015