Consumer Empowerment

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1995 to regulate the operations of the utility companies in the following sectors:

  • Electricity
  • Telecommunications
  • Water Supply & Sewerage

Examples of these companies are the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and the National Water Commission (NWC).

The OUR is headed by a Director General who is supported by Deputy Directors General. The Director General is appointed by the Governor General while the Deputy Directors General are appointed by the Prime Minister.

As part of its regulatory functions, the OUR seeks to empower customers of the utility companies by advising them of their rights and responsibilities in their dealings with the companies. However, we require that you first seek resolution of the complaint using the utility company's complaints handling procedures. If you disagree with the final decision by one of the utility companies regarding a matter, the Consumer Affairs Unit (CAU) in the Consumer and Public Affairs (CPA) Department will thoroughly review/investigate the matter at no cost to you, the customer. This is fulfilling our mandate of appeal.

Telephone us at (876) 968-6053 or call toll free at 1888-CALL-OUR (2255-687) to lodge appeals or get further information.
E-mail us at: or send us a message via Facebook inbox.

To ensure that the utility companies provide certain minimum levels of service to customers, service standards, known as Guaranteed Standards, were developed for the JPS and NWC. If either of the companies fails to honour the standards, the affected customer is entitled to monetary compensation from the company.
The OUR is committed to public education and consultation. We regularly organize seminars and town meetings.

Can the OUR be invited to speak to a group in your community?
Yes! We welcome such invitations. If you would like a representative of the OUR to speak at a church service, community, club or school PTA meeting, contact the Public Affairs Unit (PAU) by calling (876) 968-6053, or email us at You can also send us a Facebook inbox message. We will try to facilitate an early and convenient date.

The OUR receives and reviews applications for licenses and rate reviews from the utility companies.
The OUR also investigates possible breaches of license conditions by the companies and takes enforcement action where appropriate, all designed to protect the interests of consumers.

Office of Utilities Regulation
3rd Floor, PCJ Resource Centre
36 Trafalgar Road,
Kingston 10.
Tel: (876) 968-6053
Toll Free: 1888-Call-OUR (2255-687)
Fax: 929-3635.