Consumer and Public Affairs (CPA)

This Department incorporates consumer affairs, communication services and the Information Centre (OURIC). Additionally it supports the work of the Consumer Advisory Committee on Utilities (CACU), an independent advocacy group whose operations are facilitated by the OUR.
The purpose of the Consumer and Public Affairs Division is to administer the consumer affairs regulatory function of the OUR and to monitor and evaluate the customer service performance of all regulated utilities. In these capacities, it develops and implements all approved public education activities for the OUR, serves as the primary point of contact for the general public, develops strategies and procedures for complaint resolution, spearheads all mass public consultations and manages the public image of the Office.
The Information Centre, in addition to providing vital resources for the staff, is also open to the public and it is through this Centre that the Office’s obligations under the Access to Information Act are discharged. The CPA also has the critical function of managing the content of the Office's website.