Human Resource Development/Administration

Rohan McCalla, Director - Human Resource Development/Administration

This department provides administrative and human resources support to the Office including office services, procurement, training and personnel management. Administration of the training function of the OUR is a key responsibility, given the Office’s priority for training and development of its human resources.

A multi-sector regulatory body such as the OUR must necessarily identify training and development opportunities for its personnel who are required to perform highly complex and technical duties and to compete against the best that the regulated companies have to offer. Moreover, Utility Regulation is a highly technical, specialized and uncommon vocation, hence the need to provide the OUR’s professional staff with the training offered by internationally recognized training institutions. Ensuring that the OUR has at its disposal, cutting edge information technology tools is paramount to fulfilling its corporate mission and mandate. The provision of this vital support facility is another key function of the Admin/HRD department.

It also has the responsibility of managing and reporting on procurement which is critical given the need to ensure strict adherence to public sector procurement requirements.