Investigation of JPS Ltd's Billing and Metering System for Electricity Consumption 2011

The Office initiated this investigation because of the public outcry over the high levels of JPS billing that was being experienced by customers and as this was happening concomitantly with an ongoing programme where JPS has been replacing the electromechanical meters on its system with new electronic meters. So the connection has been made that the high bills are a consequence of the new meters being inaccurate. We spent a lot of time on the question of the accuracy of the electronic meters.

We also did extensive research on experiences in other jurisdictions (some of which are captured in the report). What is interesting is that in all of the jurisdictions there have been issues with the transition to the electronic meters with the same concerns being raised as they have been here. Regulators have also had to step in and conduct independent investigations just as we have done here. The conclusions have been that the electronic meters are fine (they are just more accurate than the electromechanical type).