Quality of Service Standards for Electricity Services 1999

This sets out specific proposals for two categories of service standards for Jamaica Public Service Company. These are guaranteed and overall service standards. The OUR has substantially completed negotiations with Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo Ltd) for the introduction of guaranteed service standards which will form the basis for measuring the company’s performance in respect of Quality of Service to the consumer. Failure to meet the guaranteed standards will result in JPS making a payment to the customer who has suffered a substandard level of service. A minimum compensatory payment level has not yet been agreed with JPS. However, the OUR is proposing a minimum compensatory payment of J$200.00 and J1, 000.00 to residential and commercial customers respectively for failure to meet a guaranteed standard. Overall standards will be monitored as a measure of JPS’ performance, but failure to satisfy the standard will not result in a penalty payment. On completion of the consultation process, the OUR proposes that the scheme for compensatory payments to consumers commence in mid 2000.

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Consultation Documents