JPS Ltd's Annual Tarrif Adjustment 2006 - Determination Notice - June 2006

This is the second annual tariff adjustment under the current price cap control mechanism which was implemented on June 1, 2004 in compliance with Schedule 3 of the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) All-Island Electricity Licence (‘the Licence”) (OURdocument Ele 2004/2.1). In that Tariff Determination, the Office set the average non-fuel rate at J$5.627/kWh. It also established that the price cap be applied on a global basis.
Specifically, the annual adjustment resulting from changes in the inflation offset index including efficiency gains and changes in quality of service is to be applied to the tariff basket instead of the individual tariffs. JPS is allowed to adjust the tariffs for each rate class on sucha basis that the weighted average increase of the tariff basket does not exceed the price adjustment.

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Determination Notices