NPA (Area Code) Relief Planning - August 2010

Section 8 of the Telecommunications Act, 2000, mandates the Office of Utilities Regulation (the Office, the OUR) to develop a plan for the numbering of telecommunications services, and, to promote the efficient use of numbers, and ensure that sufficient numbers are available for the current and reasonably anticipated future needs of carriers and service providers.

Pursuant to the aforementioned mandate, the Office initiated Relief Planning activities designed to provide Relief to an exhausting NPA (area code). NPA Code Relief refers to an activity that must be performed when the CO Codes within an NPA near exhaust1. Providing code relief to such an NPA normally takes the form of assigning a new NPA using one of two basic methods: A splitting of the geographic area served by the existing NPA or an overlay of the new NPA to serve the same geographic area as the existing NPA.

Using the Numbering Resource Utilization and Forecast survey results and historical growth data submitted by carriers with their applications for additional numbers, the Office estimated that the expected exhaust period for NPA (area code) 876 is the 4th quarter of 2012. Based on the OUR’s preliminary notification to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) regarding the imminent exhaust of the 876 NPA, NANPA has reserved a new NPA for Jamaica, pending formal application for its assignment.

This document which is the initial planning document for the NPA Code Relief Planning Process sets out the results of the preliminary Relief activities. Its purpose is to notify stakeholders in the local telecommunications industry regarding the pending exhaust of NPA (area code) 876, the establishment of the exhaust period for the code, the reservation of a Relief Code by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator and, the next phase of the NPA Code Relief Planning Process and the NPA Relief Implementation.

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