The Office of Utilities Regulation regulates the telecommunications sector in Jamaica through the Telecommunications Act. Under the provisions of the Act, the Office shall, among other things, regulate specified services and facilities, receive and process applications for licences and promote the interest of customers.


Title Type Posted on
Evaluation of CWJ's Tariff Application, 2000/2001 and Recommendations - July 2000 Telecommunications, Recommendations Jul 19, 2000
The Office's Position With Regard To Interconnect Charges and Services - Points of Interconnection - March 2000 Telecommunications, Position Papers/Opinions Mar 31, 2000
Reference Interconnection Offer 2000 Proposed Responses, Telecommunications Mar 31, 2000
Rules providing for the imposition, monitoring and enforcement of price caps - March 2000 Telecommunications, Proposed Rules Mar 21, 2000
Regulatory Accounts for a Dominant Carrier or Service Provider - 2000 Telecommunications, Consultation Documents Mar 17, 2000
Dominant Public Voice Carriers - 2000 Telecommunications, Consultation Documents Mar 16, 2000