Transportation: up to 2014 June 12

By publication in the Jamaica Gazette dated 2014 June 13, the OUR Act was amended and the Gazetted order officially removes regulation of the transportation sector from the portfolio responsibility of the OUR. 
Specifically: Item 2 of the First Schedule, which the Gazetted order of 2014 June 13, has deleted from the OUR Act, identifies the “provision of public passenger transportation by road, rail or ferry” as a prescribed utility subject to regulation by the Office.

[Applicable up to 2014 June 12:
The Office of Utilities Regulation regulates the provision of public passenger transportation by road, rail and ferry. The Office’s statutory remit in this regard is limited to the economic regulation of transportation sector, in that the Office provides advice to the Minister with portfolio responsibility for the sector advice on the fares for public transportation services.]