The Office of Utilities Regulation regulates the water and sewerage sector in Jamaica which includes the National Water Commission (the main provider of water and sewerage services throughout the island), other water and sewerage providers, and the National Irrigation Commission. The Office determines the rates that are to be charged and service level standards applicable to service providers.


Title Type Posted on
NWC quality of service standard 2004 Determination Notices, Water & Sewerage Mar 31, 2004
National Water Commission Review of Rates Comments on responses to Determination Notice - December 2003 Determination Notices, Water & Sewerage Dec 22, 2003
NWC Tariff Review - December 2003 Determination Notices, Water & Sewerage Dec 02, 2003
NWC rate review 2003 Water & Sewerage, Tariff Applications Sep 04, 2003
OUR's Revision of National Irrigation Commission's Economic Rate - July 2003 Water & Sewerage, Policy Jul 22, 2003
Interim Review of NIC rates 2003 Water & Sewerage, Projects Jul 22, 2003